Why Xero?

Quite simply, it is the most intelligent business software solution available

Xero is the market leading cloud accounting software. It has revolutionised how businesses operate and interact. Xero allows you to better manage all your business processes.


Built with business owners in mind, Xero offers the most user-friendly accounting software available. Regular monthly payments ease cash flow and annualised monthly costs are generally much less than desktop and custom-built accounting software.


Xero is reliable. With 99.99% uptime (for the 2015 financial year). Xero was unavailable for less than 50 minutes in the year to March 2015, ensuring that you have access to your accounts when you need them.


Xero reconciles all information so you can reconcile with more speed and more accuracy. With Xero. you are accounting for all business transactions in one place.


Xero does not fix you into a contract. You can easily create and send sales invoices and statements, create POs and match these to purchase invoices.


Xero allows for easy collaboration. Your accountant can log in and see what you see – which helps resolve any queries quickly.


Xero frees up your time to spend on the key areas of your business. Having the bank information imported automatically into Xero reduces the time of data entry.


Xero works with your business bank account at its core. Bank information can be automatically imported and then easily reconciled to invoices.


Xero delivers live information. Any changes, which can be made anywhere in the world with an internet connection, are visible immediately to all other users.


Xero’s add-ons (of which there are more than 500!) are a defining feature of Xero. You can seamlessly integrate all the various software your business uses.


Xero uses multi-layer security ensuring your data is secure. Constant back-up of your information in the cloud removes risk of losing data through hardware or software failure.


Xero is a ‘single ledger’, which means there are no copies of information at year-end or different versions of information in circulation.


Xero has a fantastic online help section with Xero support staff available. Being cloud based means updates, fixes and new features are seamlessly integrated without your involvement.


Xero enables your file VAT returns directly with HMRC, run payroll and direct RTI filing, manage expense claims – all with lots of reports.


We believe you have better things to do with your time than wrestle with your accounts. With Online Accounting and Xero by your side, you’re free to focus more of your time on the things that matter, improving sales and growing your business.

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