The Xero Marketplace

Xero has hundreds of business applications that integrate automatically within its platform. There are numerous benefits of this:

  1. Your time is saved by not having to switch between accounting systems
  2. Your financial data is less prone to human entry errors
  3. Your information is synchronised across the business applications in real time

All of this means you have strategic business information quickly available to you so you can make better informed business decisions, armed with reports to help you make the right business choices.

Purchase Invoices

With these add-ons you can save lots of time and boredom through not having to manually enter purchase invoices into Xero. Simple take a photo, scan or email a purchase invoice and let the Add-on take over. Once you have uploaded the purchase invoice the add-on’s extract the key accounting information (supplier name, invoice date, due date, net amount, VAT, line item details) and also takes the electronic copy of the invoice and imports all of this into Xero for you.

Not only does this save lots of time getting the purchase invoice details into the accounts but it also saves you having to rummage through physical folders in the future as an electronic copy of the original invoice can be easily searched for and viewed from Xero

Chasing Debts

Most businesses have customers who are late in paying their invoices. At the very least this costs you time spent chasing these debts and in some cases can have a fatal impact on businesses. Xero integrates with the following add-ons that can be used to easily chase debts from your customers.

Payment Processors

Xero allows you to receive payments and automatically allocate this to an invoice, meaning that you remain on top of your debtors, whilst providing the flexibility of payment options for your customers whether the payment is made online or in-store. We recommend one of the following add-ons:


There are lots of good reporting modules including Futrli and Spotlight Reporting. We recommend Intelligent Action which takes business analytics to a new level. A specialist SME business analytics consultancy which helps SME’s all over the UK increase their turnover, profits and cash flow.

Stock Control

This allows for detailed stock control and management which automatically updates Xero.


If you use your own car for business journeys, then you can save time and effort by using an add-on to automatically track your business mileage, this can then be entered into Xero with the add-on atomically calculating the amount due and the VAT reclaimable. We recommend Trip Catcher for this.

Practice Management

This will allow you to have greater control on your workforce, the job in which they undertake and the financial information for each job.

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