Is practice management software for healthcare professionals. It provides them with a full range of day to day functionality – to manage appointments, access treatment notes, write and send letters, manage the wait list, handle point of sale and patient accounts simply, also generate practice reports. It is clean, easy to use software.

  • Flexible Calendar Views – This feature allows staff members to view their practice appointments and personal calendar with ease.
  • Appointments – patients can be quickly searched in the system to create new appointments. When new patients book an appointment a new patient record is created. Includes email or SMS reminders.
  • Treatment notes stored securely, and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • One time template set up – Once the template has been written once for their purpose they can be mass produced and used continuously once the template has been set.
  • Wait list management
  • Invoice and receipt payments quickly – Creates an invoice straight from the appointment, adds any other products and collects the payment. Expenses are also tracked and records them into one place.
  • Report – Appointment, Transaction and own reports can be easily accessed and produced when required.
  • Accessible through mobile phones
  • The software integrates itself with Connected, MailChimp and Xero.

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